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Illumination Switch-On and Regenerations [Sep. 22nd, 2010|02:53 pm]
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I'm surprised that it's been nearly a month since my last update - I thought "Quartet" was only a week or so ago and it was before the last Bank Holiday !!

Well I have done a few things since then - firstly, 2 consecutive weekends in Blackpool were fun. The first one was for Bank Holiday and was pretty quiet but the following weekend was Illumination Switch-on. The lovely Harry and Paul from Glasgow came and stayed for the weekend and, initially, we thought we'd have to watch the switch-on on a big screen on the Promenade. This year the event was made ticket only - free - which you had to apply online for. We suspect this change is due to the switch from Radio 2 covering the event to smaller stations Real Radio and Smooth Radio. Between the 4 of us we applied using 6 addreses but were unsuccessful. However, on the day of the switch-on, we were offered 4 spares from 2 very lovely and fabulous people who will remain anonymous as this entry will also be cross-posted on Facebook and others who know our generous benefactors may be annoyed THEY weren't offered the tickets !!

The event had a good line up of singers including X-Factor runner-up Olly Murs, Alesha Dixon and Russell Watson who brought the house down (well, as much as you can at an open-air concert!). Switch on itself was done by Robbie Williams !! Saturday was a day in town and in the evening, Harry & Paul went to see "Hot Ice" at the Pleasure Beach but we had seen that the week before so Francis and I had a relaxing evening in.

The following weekend was an "at home" one to relax from being away for the previous 4 and the weekend after was going to be a big one. We just pottered into Droitwich Spa town centre which was celebrating Salt Day - just a fair/fete-type day.

This weekend just gone was the Regenerations convention in Swansea - always a highlight in the convention calender. The big name this year was a reappearance from Sir Derek Jacobi after his triumphant showing in 2009 but he had to pull out a couple of weeks or so before. However, the guys pulled David Warner out of the bag as a replacement. Some interesting guests including Welsh actress Margaret John who once appeared in "Crossroads". I asked her about her memories about the show and she said she was not keen on joining, thinking it meant her career was at "skid row" !!! However she said she really enjoyed her time on the series and made great friends with the cast. Regenerations is as much as a social event as a convention so, as well as enjoying the guests we also had a fab time catching up with all the usual suspects.

Next weekend is back to Blackpool for an event celebrating 125 years of the tramway - my penance for dragging Francis to Doctor Who conventions.

Photos of all events up on Facebook as per usual.

[User Picture]From: technophobe1975
2010-09-22 04:32 pm (UTC)
Shame about Sir Derek, I would imagine that he would have loads on interesting stories to tell.
And Robbie Williams - officially now less hot than Gary Barlow (according to my sister at least)
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[User Picture]From: aaron1972
2010-09-22 07:26 pm (UTC)
He had two excellent and, at times, very moving panels last year, mentioning Doctor Who only very fleetingly. David warner was a worthy, if not equal, replacement.

Well yes, he does seem less hotter and interesting that Robbie is going cap-in-hand so to speak to Take That and gary when he once openly sneered in their faces . Oh, the fickle finger of fate !!
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