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Shameless Plug and Updates [Feb. 6th, 2011|09:25 pm]
[Current Mood |busybusy]

I ahev been meaning to update this for a while but have, well, not done so !!!

Here's just a quick update of stuff since my last posting - went to a few shows including Blithe Spirit with Alison Steadman, Hermione Norris and Robert Bathurst, Spamalot, King Lear with Derek Jacobi (brilliant!) and Dick Whittington - this seasons only panto for us starring Joan Collins, Julian Clary, Nigel Havers and Keith Harris and Orville !!

For my birthday Francis and I had a quick trip down to Devon and met up with a couple of university friends and New Year period was in Blackpool with a day in Manchester for another catch-up.

Christmas was quiete, at home - TV was fairly dire and I thought the Doctor Who Christmas special was absolute rubbish.

Just after Christmas we went to Glasgow for the 40th birthday of the fabulous and lovely Paul Dillon - Francis drove up and it was quite amusing to notice that in England there was no snow but as soon as we crossed the border to Scotland the white stuff was everywhere !!! Luckily it didn't cause us any travel problems.

The rest of January was fairly quite but last week we went to Scotland - again! - for a holiday in Newtonmore (about 45 miles south of Inverness) in a converted signal box with two lovely friends, Kenny McGuiness and Ben Morris plus Parsley the dog. Due to my work commitments we could only stay until Wednesday but we both had a brilliant time with lots of laughs and wine - we wished we could have stayed for the whole week as we missed snow that appeared on Thursday !! The location is fabulous, although the train journey was quite lengthy as you can imagine !! We broke it up on the way by going to Glasgow and Paul very kindly gave us the use of his flat overnight. Then we met Kenny at Glasgow and then Ben and Parsley at Perth. Due to getting cheap train tickets we had to get a train from Droitwich Spa at 6.12 am which was a killer for me !! The journey back we did all in one go, leaving Newtonmore at 10.18 am and getting back to Droitwich at 7 pm !!

The signal box is right next to the station platform so we used to , sadly, wave at every passing train we saw but very little waving was returned ! Photos can be seen here - be warned, there are a lot !



Not much on the convention scene - we did Dimensions in November which was not that great apart from the company, who as always, provided a huge amount of laughs and entertainment. There are a few lined up for this year but, to be honest I'm really going for the social side as the guest lists are pretty exhausted.

Shameless plug time - in November, I took part in an episode of ITV1's daily game show The Chase, presented by Bradley Walsh. The episode I appear in airs on Thursday February 17th at 5 pm on ITV1 although if you liove in Scotland - as a chunk of my friends do - then you don't get The Chase, you get some awful talk show called The Hour but it can be seen online on ITV Player and if people tune to ITV London on Sky - Channel 993 Virgin Media - Channel 853 or Freesat - Channel 977. If you've never seen the chase, info on the quiz can be found here :-




Don't forget to tune in/set your video etc !!!

[User Picture]From: merylmarie
2011-02-07 05:39 am (UTC)
Great pics, Aaron. You weren't kidding when you said you were right by the railroad tracks! Looks like a fun vacation. I hope you won something on the game show!
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[User Picture]From: ghyste
2011-02-07 11:00 am (UTC)
Thanks to you and F for the postcard. Sounds like you had a good time :)
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