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Doctor Who !!!!! [Oct. 2nd, 2012|09:02 pm]
Well, actually I'm not posting about NEW Who - the last episode of that I saw was the Christmas Special 2010 (the Katherine Jenkins one) and even then I only half watched whilst fiddling on the PC.

No, last weekend saw the DVD of one of my all-time Who faves plop through the letter box, The Ambassadors of Death, with Jon Pertwee and and much-missed and fabulous Caroline John. The big selling point for this one ws that it's been restored to FULL COLOUR !!! In the usual 1970s BBC way, all (except episode 1, rather randomly) episodes were wipded but black and white recordings were kept. An off-air recording of an American broadcast did exist and, like a few other Who stories of the same vintage, an attempt was made to create a colour copy by merging the b/w recording with the colour. Sadly, for Ambassadors, severe interference on the US copy meant only roughly half the story could be recoloured. Thanks to advances in technology, these issues have been overcome and it's now colour all the way for the first time (in the UK anyway) since 1970 ! What was interesting (to me anyway) was that the half colour, half b/w VHS release of this story was a U certificate but the full colour DVD is a PG with "mild violence and threat" - who thought colour could be so menacing ??!!!

Anyway, I can't squeeze New Who into my packed TV schedule - during the week I'm watching Corrie, Watchdog, The Great British Bake Off (loved Mary Berry's floral jacket last week!), Double Your House For Half The Money (gotta love The Beeny!), Location Location Location, Celebrity Juice, and next week Friday Night Dinner and Strictly are back (yayy!!). Francis also has to squeeze in the emergency services documentary that's on Channel 4 (filmed in Blackpool) and Downton Abbey.

Maybe I'll give this Christmas a whirl (especially now The Ponds have gone - hoorray!).

[User Picture]From: agentxpndble
2012-10-03 10:43 pm (UTC)
Ooo... Shiny! I'll have to find a copy and see!
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