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Illumination Switch-On and Regenerations [Sep. 22nd, 2010|02:53 pm]
[Current Mood |busybusy]

I'm surprised that it's been nearly a month since my last update - I thought "Quartet" was only a week or so ago and it was before the last Bank Holiday !!

Well I have done a few things since then - firstly, 2 consecutive weekends in Blackpool were fun. The first one was for Bank Holiday and was pretty quiet but the following weekend was Illumination Switch-on. The lovely Harry and Paul from Glasgow came and stayed for the weekend and, initially, we thought we'd have to watch the switch-on on a big screen on the Promenade. This year the event was made ticket only - free - which you had to apply online for. We suspect this change is due to the switch from Radio 2 covering the event to smaller stations Real Radio and Smooth Radio. Between the 4 of us we applied using 6 addreses but were unsuccessful. However, on the day of the switch-on, we were offered 4 spares from 2 very lovely and fabulous people who will remain anonymous as this entry will also be cross-posted on Facebook and others who know our generous benefactors may be annoyed THEY weren't offered the tickets !!

The event had a good line up of singers including X-Factor runner-up Olly Murs, Alesha Dixon and Russell Watson who brought the house down (well, as much as you can at an open-air concert!). Switch on itself was done by Robbie Williams !! Saturday was a day in town and in the evening, Harry & Paul went to see "Hot Ice" at the Pleasure Beach but we had seen that the week before so Francis and I had a relaxing evening in.

The following weekend was an "at home" one to relax from being away for the previous 4 and the weekend after was going to be a big one. We just pottered into Droitwich Spa town centre which was celebrating Salt Day - just a fair/fete-type day.

This weekend just gone was the Regenerations convention in Swansea - always a highlight in the convention calender. The big name this year was a reappearance from Sir Derek Jacobi after his triumphant showing in 2009 but he had to pull out a couple of weeks or so before. However, the guys pulled David Warner out of the bag as a replacement. Some interesting guests including Welsh actress Margaret John who once appeared in "Crossroads". I asked her about her memories about the show and she said she was not keen on joining, thinking it meant her career was at "skid row" !!! However she said she really enjoyed her time on the series and made great friends with the cast. Regenerations is as much as a social event as a convention so, as well as enjoying the guests we also had a fab time catching up with all the usual suspects.

Next weekend is back to Blackpool for an event celebrating 125 years of the tramway - my penance for dragging Francis to Doctor Who conventions.

Photos of all events up on Facebook as per usual.
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Shows Update ! [Aug. 26th, 2010|06:08 pm]
[Current Mood |artisticartistic]

It's been two weeks since my last update and in that time I've seen two theatrical productions. First up was "Oklahoma!" at The Grand Theatre, Blackpool. I had seen this show before but only the DVD of the National Theatre production with Maureen Lipman and Hugh Jackman. This version starred Marti Webb - famous in the UK for appearing in "Tell Me On A Sunday" and singing the theme tune to the sea-faring Sunday-night 80s drama "Howard's Way". The male lead was played by Mark Evans who was an unsuccessful candidate in 2008's search for the UK Eurovision entry which he may know view as a lucky escape !!

It was a very enjoyable production and Mark Evans was very easy on the eye which is always a bonus !! That weekend the Who store had a signing by Caroline Munro - I always like to support their signing events so popped along but Ms Munro was charging a frankly ridiculous £15 for an autograph and £10 if you wanted a photo of her !! This charging structure was nothing to do with the Who store as they had engaged Ms Munro through her agent and they dicatated the charges - the store didn't receive a cut of this at all. When they engage a guest directly, their charging policy is usually £5 or £10 for unlimited autographs and photo opportunities.

The next show we went to was "Quartet" at the Festival Theatre, Malvern starring the heavyweight cast of Michael Jayston, Timothy West, Susannah York and Gwen Taylor. This was a very Malvern-esque show in that the audience had an average age of about 70 and had been bussed in from various parts of the county. It was a very enjoyable show that had been running on tour for 10 weeks and this was the final week. There's no transfer to the West End but it was a fairly inconsequential show - the cast obviously were excellent but the storyline, I felt, was rather thin and stretched out. The cast played ageing opera stars living in a retirement home who sung Verdi as a final fling. So, at the end, the cast mimed along to Verdi which I found rather odd. I thing it should have ended with them about to go on stage and perform rather than actually see them "performing".

The inevitable stage dooring took place at the end but there was very heavy rain so we had to perch under the small canopy over Malvern's stage dooor !! Michael Jayston came out first and, after a quick cigarette and phone call, he had a good chat to us - Francis had a chat with him about "The Sound of Music". MJ had appeared in this in 1981 as Captain von Trapp opposite Petula Clark's Maria. Francis' then-engineering company made the hills as part of the set !! As it was raining heavily he didn't hand around too long but I got my autograph book signed along with my copy of the fabulous 1973 "Jane Eyre". Timothy West came out next and had a quick chat and he signed and was off. Then Susannah Yoork came out - for some reason I thought she would be a bit snooty and grand but she was lovely and spent quite a while talking to us. We missed Gewn Taylor - she must have left some other way somehow, the cheek !!

This weekend we are off to Blackpool and hope the weather will pick up, but then it is Bank Holiday weekend !!!
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The Sound of Music, Sharks and Sloppy Hotels [Aug. 10th, 2010|04:33 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

Various topics in this post as you can tell from the above title ! Firstly "The Sound of Music" - currently, the Birmingham Hippodrome is running a touring production of this show starring Connie Fisher who won a talent competition in 2006 to find a "new Maria". Miss Fisher has been dogged by controversy courtesy of the tabloids who seized upon the fact that far from being a telesales girl who was plucked from obscurity by viewers as the TV series liked to portray, she had in fact been to a respected drama school and was only working in telesales prior to the show as she was "resting" (ie unemployed) as an actor. Then she only performed 6 shows out of 8, the other 2 taken by one of the runners-up in the show, then was being helped by autotune at one point - leading to "Connie Mimes In Sound Of Music" style headlines screaming from the papers. Finally, her post-Maria career has been so bad that's she's back in it on tour. Anyway, we booked to go to this show months ago, only to discover - 4 years on - miss Fisher is STILL only performing in 6 out of 8 shows !! Cutting a long story short, this lead to Francis spending hours on the phone to the hapless box office staff and to him writing to the local press pointing out that the original London cast of TSOM in the 1960s worked on a "whole show contract" i.e. they were in the show for as long as it ran with only TWO days holiday per year !!!

So we switched tickets and went to see it last Saturday - not very good I have to say. It's was OK I suppose but just very bland. Marilyn Hill Smith, who played The Mother Abbess was the exception as she was amazing. Obviously, such negativity about the show didn't stop my shameless stage-dooring of Miss Fisher as can be seen on my Facebook page !!

Sloppy hotels now and in Droitwich Spa we have 2 grand old hotels - the Chateau Impney and The Raven. Both are under the same ownership but said owners have been in administration for a while and it's not difficult to see why. Every year The Raven - which is in the town centre - closed for the 6 weeks of summer school holidays for "refurbishment" however when it reopened it was no different. The hotel, sadly, is now closed and all business being transferred to Chateau Impney. As it's name implies, this hotel is modelled on a French chateau and it does have a rather tired look to it. This point was brought home to Francis and I the other night when we were watching episodes of the late, lamented soap opera "Crossroads". This soap used to use the Chateau on occasions as a "conference hotel" and cunningly renamed it Hotel Droitwich - see what they did there ?? Anyway, we were watching episodes where a conference was going on and the decor, carpets etc were EXACTLY the same as they are now and these episodes were made in 1973 !!!!!

Clearly previous owners haven't kept with the times and one can only hpe that new owners will soon come along - we keep being told in the local press that "interested parties" are "looking" at the two hotels - and update the hotels whilst keeping some character to them.

Onto sharks now - I'm now working for environmental charity CSV Action Earth. We give grants to community groups for small, local environmental projects. One such group is based in Scotland and they tag sharks to ensure that levels of them are being monitored as, due to fishing etc, there is a grave danger of some species becoming extinct. Anyway, after being in the pipeline for a while, there was finally an item on the shark taggers on BBc1's magazine show The One Show - it's well worth having a look at AND CSV Action Earth was name-checked - hurrahh !! It's currently on the BBC iPlayer until next Monday at this link :- http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00tfr50/The_One_Show_09_08_2010/
The shark tagging item is about 23 minutes in.

The next few weekends may sem a bit dull as 3 out of 4 of them we're in Blackpool but that last one of those is Illumination Switch-On weekend for 2010 with the switch-on being done by Robbie Williams, ex and now back with Take That !!!!!!!!!
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Doctor Who Proms - SPOILERS [Jul. 26th, 2010|10:29 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

Weekend just gone saw another trip to London - a mere 2 weeks after the last one - this time to see this years Doctor Who Prom. The ordering process for tickets this time was scarily easy - you pre-booked which concerts during The Prom season you wanted to see online then logged on on the date tickets went on sale. They went on sale at 8 am and I was something ridiculous like 748 in the online queue but by 8.20 I had tickets !!

Before London was my usual leisurely Friday off - I'm very much getting used to this 3-day working week lark !! Francis and I have been making a habit of going to Droitwich Lido every Friday for a few hours - however, this Friday kids had finished school and opening hours had changed from opening at 12.30 to opening at 10.30. Luckily the weather was overcast Friday morning so we dashed down at 10.30 and there was only 4 of us there in total. By lunchtime it had brightened up a bit and some kids started filtering in so we left at 1 !!

Saturday morning we trecked down to London - my 16-25 Railcard is still valid which is good news (although it is met with disbelieving glances from train staff !!).

The Doctor Who Prom was staged twice - firstly on Saturday night and again on Sunday morning. We had tickets for both dates as I had no idea what would fit into the schedule - I had the intention of selling (at face value of course !) one set of tickets or returning a set to the box office but, in the end, we decided to go to both concerts which turned out to be a great decision !!

We wondered down on Saturday evening and found our seats - we were in the Second Tier on Saturday which was brilliant compared to the last Prom in 2008 when we were shoved right up the very top and could barely see a thing !! Karen Gillan was a better presenter than Freema Agyeman in 2008 but she was very nervous - she was clutching the microphone with both hands as if her life depended on it. She was put in a very nice dress but it was way too long and impractical when she had to negotiate steps - it did turn into a much shorter number for the second half of the show. The format of the Prom was the same as in 2008 - Doctor Who music interspersed with classical pieces and various monsters roamed around the promenaders. It's difficult to compare it to 2008 in a better or worse way - it was just different and each had their own merits and issues. As a spectacle and experience though, it was excellent.

No sign of Matt, Karen etc at the stage door which was a good thing really as there were a lot of people hanging around and any sign of them would have resulted in an almighty crush. People who did appear at the stage door were composer Murray Gold, conductor Ben Foster etc who were pretty much mobbed by fans !!

Sunday was more of the same - it was interesting that the Saturday night concert was recorded but Sunday's was much slicker with Karen less nervous so would have been better as the recording. We were in better seats this time - in the Grand Tier and much nearer the stage so the decision to go to both concerts was a wise one. As this wasn't recorded there wasn't any opportunity to see the conductors close to as there was no camera showing them close-up and then showing this on the big screens around the hall. Also, a lengthy clip of all the regenerations shown to music on Saturday wasn't used on Sunday apart from the end of it with the 9th Doctor's regeneration onwards - not sure why that was. Again, this was a fantastic experience and interesting to hear a lot of the music on it's own as my indifference to the last series has meant I haven't really noticed much of it compared to previous years.

Then we left and wound our way back home, which was an experience in itself thanks to London Midland running just FIVE trains on a Sunday to Droitwich Spa - nothing to with engineering, that's just how it's timetabled. Still, we have no more London trips planned for a while so that's a money-saver !!
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All My Sons & Seventh Heaven [Jul. 11th, 2010|09:34 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

This weekend Francis and I ventured into London Town for the second time in the space of a couple of weeks. Last weekend we went just for a day to see 'Spring Storm' at the National Theatre - very good it was too !

This time we stayed overnight as we were there to see 'All My Sons' and got to Fantom Films latest convention, Seventh Heaven. We arrived in London at about lunchtime and I arranged for us to meet my friend Katy for some rinks and a catch-up in the afternoon. Then, in the evening we went to see 'All My Sons' at the Apollo Theatre. The play starred David Suchet and Zoe Wanamaker which was very exciting for me as I've been a big fan of David Suchet from when he started to play Poirot back in the late 1980s. He was the first recipient of a gushing fan letter from me to which i received a reply. The play was excellent - it's the best theatrical experience I've seen for a long time. Francis was in raptures - he absolutely loved it. It's on until September so I'd recommend any lovers of good theatre to go ! As always we did the stage door thing afterwards and both David and Zoe were lovely.

Today (Sunday) we went to Fanton Films latest convention, Seventh Heaven, which as the name suggests celebrated the Sylvester McCoy years. There were a few guest drop-outs which was a bit disappointing but this was up to the usual high Fantom Film standards. It was quite relaxed for me as I didn't have a huge amount of autographs to get - the ones I did get were from 3 McCoy writers and script editor Andrew Cartmell. The other guests were Sylvester himself and Sophie Aldred who I have met countless times and then Angela Bruce and Marcus Gilbert who I've also met on other occasions. Sadly, due to poor train connections, we left early before Angela's panel but we did manage to frab her to say "Hi" to on the way out !!

Our trains worked smoothly on the way back so I'm now winding down from a fabulous weekend !
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Utopia [May. 18th, 2010|11:55 am]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

Weekend just gone was the Utopia Doctor Who convention - we had an excellent time as always. This was the first weekend event held by Fantom Films and it was very well organised. It was held at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire - a lovely country house-type hotel literally in the middle of nowhere. The hotel was fine but the service was a little off as we had an interminable wait one evening for vegetables !!

Each day started at the very civilised time of 10 am which meant partying the night before didn't have to be curtailed too much for an early start the next day !! Photo sessions were excellent - Robin & Colin Pritchard were running them and I always think those boys give an excellent service unlike the ones used at Showmasters events. At Showmasters if a photo session is listed at, say 11-12, you have to get there bang on 11 and be raced through the session. Then they pack the guest off so if you arrive at 11.15 they will say "This photo session is closed" !! Robin & Colin won't do that - they either keep the guests for the whole of the alloted photo session time or send them to the Green Room if those waiting for a photo have gone through quite quickly but go and get them back if someone comes along and wants a photo.

The guests were a mixed bag ranging from William Russell who played Ian Chesterton in the first 2 series of Who back in 1963 right up to the guy who played Angel Bob in the new series. Autograph sessions were very free and easy and you were able to take photos with the guests in the autograph session.

It's also a great opportunity to catch up with friends too and we had a scream in the hotel as always !! Our friends Harry, Paul and Kenny came and stayed with us on Sunday night and on Monday morning we went to the Chateau Impney Hotel in Droitwich Spa. This was the location used for the wedding of Hugh Mortimer and Meg Richardson in the soap opera Crossroads so we recreated magic moments from the show !!

Photos can be found here - link should work hopefully :-

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Still Obsessed [May. 13th, 2010|10:51 pm]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]

The 30 Rock obsession refuses to die - I now have 25 episodes on my iPhone so I can carry it round with me at all times. I also put series 1 and 2 on my netbook so that when F & I go to the Utopia Doctor Who convention this weekend we can watch some episodes if there is a lull in the proceedings - or even if there's not !!

Loving the episodes currently showing on Comedy Central from Season 4 - i am attempting to refrain from watching until I'm that point but failing dismally. Two episodes get shown on Mondays and then repeated on various other days through the week which I watch again despite having recorded the eps anyway :)

So, this weekend is the Utopia convention taking place in a nice country hotel in Oxfordshire - I'm looking forward to this one as it's the first weekend event organised by Fantom Films who have held very successful one-day events for a few years now. Also, it's a great chance to catch up with friends and generally forget everything else !

Aside from that, no other news at present :)
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Dance Mania ! [May. 6th, 2010|11:52 am]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

Over the last month we have had the International Dance Festival in Birmingham - normally this passes me by but F and I went to a couple of events this time. At the Hippodrome last week was the Cuban National Ballet which I was dragged along to by Francis !! I'm not a ballet fan but I enjoyed this as it was excerpts from famous ballets so it rattled along quite quickly. The sensation in this show was the appearance by Cuban ballet superstar Carlos Acosta who appeared for about 10 minutes to thunderous applause and was gone !!

This week we went to see Strictly Come Dancing - The Professionals also at The Hippodrome. They had managed to get this booked to tie in with the Dance Festival which was a good move. The show featured 10 professional dancers from Strictly Come Dancing (for my US readers, this is the UK version of Dancing With The Stars). This was a fantastic, feel good show with amazing dancing. Vincent and Flavia's Argentine Tango was stunning as always - we had already seen them do this in Blackpool at a free dance festival. James and Ola did a very sexy Rumba and the group dances were excellent.

Obviously we went stage dooring afterwards and I was able to get 7 of the 10 dancers autographs and 6 photos - I missed one for a photo as my Official Photographer was too busy chatting to James Jordan ! Most of the dancers came out at once so you had to just grab who you could hence not egtting everyone but, overall, I was pleased with my hit rate !! Photos are up on my Facebook page.

Last weekend we were in Blackpool for Bank Holiday and went to see Wife Begins At Forty - following the highs of the Cuban National Ballet we were brought down to Earth with a bump for this one ! This was the first week of a three month tour and unfortunately the last as the production company had gone bust and just this first week was salvaged. It was a rather lacklustre production which was barely amusing but I suppose you can't blame the cast for not really trying as they were about to be unexpectedly out of work.

We've got a few more plays booked for the coming months so all stage door keepers beware !!
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Update and New Obsession [Apr. 30th, 2010|04:15 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I've noticed it's been nearly three months since my last "proper" post so thought I should show my face here !! It has been a busy and rather stressful time on the teaching front for reasons I won't bore everyone here, which is one of the reasons for radio silence.

Apart from school stuff there have been a few other things going on (but not many) - F and I went to The Algarve for a weeks holiday during the Easter break and avoided the ash cloud trauma by one day. We got back the day before it all kicked off but my mum and dad were due to go to Egypt on the Friday which obviously got cancelled. All kudos to Thompson Holidays who refunded my mother back in full by 6 pm on that Friday. They've booked another trip in May and one in September which hopefully will happen !!

We've been to a few shows and concerts too - Les Miserables came to Birmingham for 5 weeks and was a total sell out. Gareth Gates played Marius and he was brilliant - a shrewd move on his part I think to move into musical theatre from pop music. We also saw Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity who put on a stunning show - it was exhausting just watching them !!

Of course the big news recently has been the return of Doctor Who which to me has been decidedly mixed - Matt Smith is excellent and I can completely see what Steven Moffat saw in him. However Karen Gillan is a bit flat IMO - I find her quite boring and her character bland but it's a change to not have her bogged down with a parade of relatives. The stories so far have been pretty dire. The first episode was rubbish - there was all this stuff about The Doctor had 20 minutes to save the world which totally went over my head so I felt no threat or sense of the characters in jeopardy while watching. The second episode was equally dreary and nonsensical and, as for the Dalek episode, well what can I say that 1000s have already said !! The coloured Daleks - dreadful. They screamed "merchandise opportunity". I saw no need whatsoever to overhaul them so radically. The rest of that episode was OK but the space dogfight was stupid and The Doctor was perfectly happy to let the Bill Paterson character survive despite being completely anachronistic technology. The Weeping Angels episode just gone was better and some parts had the edge-of-seat quality but, again, explanations were all so garbled. River Song surviving being blasted into space was pathetic - surely she'd have died pretty much instantly rather than float gracefully over to the TARDIS. So, at the moment, I'm watching Who out of habit really but Matt Smith is brilliant and an enormous improvement over David Tennant. Shame Steven Moffat left his scripting skills behind when he took on the Show Runner role (which he's not doing very well with either !!). Interesting to see how the budget cuts have affected Who - each episode barely runs over 40 minutes but in the RTD days, after Season 1 he pushed the timings right to the limits so episodes were routinely right up to 45 and sometimes over. Shave 5 mins off 13 episodes and you effectively save money on a whole episode.

The Graham Norton thing last week - which I didn't see as I only watch the episodes via iPlayer or BBC3 repeat - is symptomatic IMO of the new regime not keeping their eye on the ball. In RTDs day he refused to let the BBC shrink the credits for Who into a little box like they do for all other shows but since he's left, presentation of Who has been trashed. Similarly the upcoming "Vampires In Venice" episode is scheduled for 6 pm - the earliest (outside of Christmas Day) Who has ever been on since it's return 5 years ago. This is because the "Over The Rainbow" production team didn't want to clash with "Britain's Got Talent" so said Who had to be pushed earlier. I serioulsy doubt RTD would have stood for that but Moffat and co obviously couldn't care less.

Regular readers of this blog may remember that I've said how I avoid getting sucked into new shows as I haven't got the time/inclination to do so since last getting my fingers burnt with Buffy/Angel. However the TV Cupid has unexpectedly struck me with his arrow once more - and this time for a sitcom !! I am now completely, utterly, totally obsessed with the televisual billiance that is "30 Rock" !!!! I love it - I've not laughed so much at a sitcom since the heady days of "Seinfeld". Tina Fey is a complete genius and Alec Baldwin is a revalation. Even Francis watched and loves it. The plus point at the moment is I've come to the series late - Season 4 is now showing on Comedy Central UK - so I'e got plenty of episodes to gorge on (which I am doing). Also, like the early days of Buffy and The X-Files fandom, it's my littls secret show as I don't know of many others who watch it as it's hidden away on Comedy Central and was only shown previously on Five USA, 2 channels that are digital only.

So, although Doctor Who has slipped quality-wise, at least I have something I can look forard to seeing on TV rather than just enduring.

And for my one and only mention of the election - I've voted already !!!
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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2010|08:17 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Courtesy of ghyste

Comment and I'll pick one (unless you want more) of your fandoms,
post the answers to your journal and so on and so forth. Mine's, quelle surprise, Doctor Who

The first character I fell in love with:

I've never been "in love" with any character in Who but I've always had a sft spot for The Brig.

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

Donna Noble - although I wasn't a Catherine Tate nay-sayer and had faith in RTD that he'd deliver the goods re the return of Donna, I don't think I (Or anyone else for that matter!) expected to think Donna would turn out as amazingly fabulous as she did. As much I love RTD and what he did for Doctor Who I'll never forgive him for Donna's mind-wipe in The Stolen Earth and her return at Christmas/New Year didn't make up for that.

The character everyone else loves that I don't:

I don't think there's any character in Who - new or "classic" that's loved by everyone as the fandom can be so polarised, that is until you're in an autograph queue and everyone's gushing niceities at someone they slag off everyday on a forum !! I have to say though I think Sarah Jane is overrated - I like the character and Lis Sladen but she has been overhyped by fans IMO.

The character I love that everyone else hates:

Again, I'm not sure there's a universally hated character - some people love Rose, others hater her, some love Martha, others hate her etc. Same goes for the Classic Series companions. So this is more a "character I love that everyone overlooks" and that is the amazing and underrated Dr Elizabeth Shaw from Season 7. Oh, another one would be The 6th Doctor which was the one I grew up with and was The Doctor when I first became a fan so I've always had a soft spot for him.

The character I used to love but don't any longer:

I can't think of any really - the characters that seemed more interesting in book form than they did when I finally saw them on TV are Ian & Barbara, Jo (although she has her moments especially in The Mind Of Evil), Victoria and Jamie.

The character I would shag anytime:

The Brigadier circa 1971 and Captain Jack - well, why not ? It would be offered on a plate !!! Maybe Alydon of The Thals - he was quite fit (the John Lee version, not the barrie Ingham version in the film who wore too much make-up !)

The character I'd slap:

Susan - considering she (probably) had Gallifreyan heritage, she was so whiny and screamy all the bloody time.

A pairing that I love:

Doctor Who - until the RTD years - was never a relationship show and I've never really bought into the relationship stuff - I pretend it's not there :) So I'm going to go for a Doctor/Companion relationship from the Classic Series and, again, another that I feel gets overlooked in favour of those that came immediately before and after but I'm plumping for The 4th Doctor and Romana 1 over any of the others, having reappraised their pairing after watching The Key To Time Season.

A pairing that I hate:

Hate is a bit extreme but the one I don't think worked, and that's more to do with behind-the-scenes reasons that anything else, is The 3rd Doctor/Sarah Jane. Worse is The 4th Doctor/Adric but their time on their own together was mercifully brief.

Favourite character:

Liz although she appeared in a so few stories so I'll also plump for Donna.

My five favourite characters:

Liz Shaw, Romana 1, Leela, Ray (from Delta & the Bannermen), Donna Noble

My five least favourite characters:

Dodo, Susan, Mike Yates, Adric, Mel

My deep, dark fandom secret:

I don't think I have one - probably the nearest was F & I seeing Anneke Wills' open-air bath at her home but she told everyone about that from a convention stage anyway so it's hardly a secret !!
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